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My fake Twitter ID used to slam RA.One says Big B

SrBachchan:Fake ID of mine being used to write opinions on Ra.One .. I have not even seen the film and shall always wish the best for ShahRukh

In this indignant tweet today, Amitabh Bachchan alleged that a fake Twitter handle had been created for him and was being misused to publish negative comments about SRK’s just released magnum opus, RA.One.

Mr Bachchan further tweeted: “..and not just these comments on Ra.One ..many malicious, completely false accusations are being directed to me..I will not tolerate !

The fake ID in question, @SrBachhann, is a close approximation to Big B’s real ID. The offending tweet from this ID reads: “Saw #RA1. What a WASTE. Even the worst of Abhishek’s like Drona were much better. May be SRK’s mid age crises.” However, the user’s profile clearly states that he or she is an “Amitabh Bachchan Fake”

RA.One, SRK’s long awaited and much publicised superhero movie, premiered in London and Dubai yesterday to mixed reviews.

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