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Paapi Pet Ke Liye: John & Bips Together

We all know that John & Bips are no longer together, but didn’t know destiny had something else in mind.

After the breakup, they are not even in talking terms. Recently during shooting of Bipasha’s Players in Filmistan, she bumped into John, who was also there shooting for Housefull 2 in the same studio. They ignored each other and tried not to come face to face with each other. Such is the animosity between the two; the very mention of other person raises the mercury level.

Scene from their Hottest movie together – Jism

But, director duo Abbas Mastan is trying something these two people have never thought in their wildest imagination. The “Race” directors have roped in both Bipasha & John for the “Race” sequel. Interestingly, the duo will have to share the screen space in two-three scenes too. They will actually have to exchange few dialogues. With so much animosity between them, we were amazed how they signed for the movie in the first place.

When contacted, director Mustan confirmed,

Yes, John Abraham and Bipasha Basu will be shooting two scenes together for Race 2 .We narrated the story and scenes to both of them and like true professionals, they have committed to shoot together without any restrictions.

While John remained unavailable for comment, Bipasha told Mumbai Mirror, “I have nothing to say about it. I share a very good rapport with the filmmakers and so, I would do whatever they want me to do for the film.I have nothing more to say about it

Based upon interview conducted by Amrapali Sharma, Mumbai Mirror

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