paisa vasool for me – 3.5/5.0

Saw it this morning…

The visual effects are stunning :O taken the standard of bollywood 5 steps further(WAY WAY better than Robot)!

The best part was when RAJNIKANTH enters hahaha that shit was awesome…and also Sanjay Dutt and PC’s cameos in the beginning 😛

I would give it
9/10 for screenplay, direction and effects.
7/10 for acting (That little kid and Arjun Rampal take the cake way)
4/10 for story
9/10 for music (Vishal Shekhar are TOO GOOD!)

Nothing particularly wrong with the story, just something we’ve seen about 562 times 😛 so nothing new, easily predictable except for few twists here and there.
How I wish Arjun Rampal had gotten SRK’s role! He totally overshadowed SRK in the few sequences they were together :/ Bebo is okay, feel like she’s just there for the “oomph” factor.

If it weren’t for music and special effects, there was hardly anything that stood out in the movie!

I would say paisa vasool for me, coz I also got to catch my cutie PC in the beginning

Overall, a 7/10, even though Robot was not top notch with the effects, it was much more entertaining.


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