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Ra.One rejected even in Piracy world

The news might come shocking, after modest collection of 15Cr. despite being a holiday season on the first day, Ra. One Collection was feared to be hit by the rampant Internet Piracy and pirated DVD vendors, but we were shocked to see the numbers. Upon contacting major movie website owners who stream latest Bollywood movies online (legally or illegally), the numbers which we got were shocking. Believe it or not, this Diwali festival people seem to be interested more in rituals and firecrackers than SRK’s magnum opus Ra. One.

We received the statistics from world’s biggest torrent tracker (peer to peer file sharing tracker) and there too the results were below par. We didn’t find more than 12K peers trying to download Ra. One. We had earlier too reported online views of Ready, Bodygaurd which were above 50K when it released.

Does this mean the movie has NO TAKERS even when it is delivered FREE online to your desktop?

Now suddenly, the numerologists have started raising their voices, claiming they had earlier warned the makers of the movie to CHANGE the name of the movie to C . One or G. One instead of calling Ra. One (pronounced evil Ravaan). They also claim, failure of Ravaan (with Abhishek & Aishwarya) was also due to its evil name.

Well, Mano Ya Na Mano ….

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