RA.One Storms Box Office, Pre-Release!

Shah Rukh Khan’s RA.One, which is set to release on the auspicious day of Diwali on Wednesday (October, 26), has already whipped up a tornado at the box office. Since there have been no movies worth watching in the last two weeks, distributors are quite literally banking on Khan’s mega venture to bring in the big bucks.

Not only is the film a star-studded fiesta with actors like Khan himself, Kareena Kapoor and Arjun Rampal, it is also arguably India’s most expensive film to date. As if that wasn’t enough, some distributors claim the movie will also have 3D releases in certain cinema halls. We asked a few distributors about advance bookings of the VFX-loaded film and this is what they had to say:

Mumbai distributor Rajesh Thadani of Multimedia Combines remarked, “Advance booking for RA.One is extraordinary all over the territory and most first-day shows are almost house full.”

In Delhi, distributors are gaga about the film. Sanjay Ghai of Mukta Arts mentioned, “Advance booking for the film all over India is simply amazing! Bookings have surpassed our expectations.”

Kolkata distributor Debashish Dey of Aum Movies is also very excited. He said, “The advance booking is terrific. Not just the opening, multiplexes in Kolkata are completely house full for the first and second days too. Amazingly, cinema halls in adjoining cities are also house full. The anticipated box-office collections are sky high.”

In Nizam too, distributors are already in a celebratory mood. Ravi Machchar of Sahyog Films revealed, “Of all the films released this year, RA.One is expected to cross the Rs 100-crore mark in the shortest period. Across India, block bookings have never been so fantastic for any other movies to date.”

Jeetu Khandelwal of Movie Pioneers emphasised, “Since this is a Shah Rukh Khan film, and the actor is very popular here, it will work in Orissa as well as all over India. Advance bookings are good as of now.”

In Punjab, Dharam Pal of Paramount Picture added, “Advance bookings are very good for RA.One. The movie will definitely work big time in Punjab.”

However, in Mysore, B H Basha of Bahar Enterprise added, “Advance booking for RA.One are yet to open in the territory. Once it does, I am sure the film will run house full.”


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