Ra.One Takes HISTORIC Opening All Over India

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Ra.One has taken a historic opening all over India. It was phenomenal be it multiplex dominated Gurgaon or even a small centre like Alwar in Rajasthan which opened to 100% collections. Practically every circuit is going at record pace but Diwali Puja will slow the collections from 2pm onwards. If the film was to continue at this pace all throughout the day then the first day all India record will beaten by a distance.

There is a thought that the momentum is so huge that Diwali Puja may not affect Ra.One but that looks unlikely as bookings in late afternoon and evening are slower compared to around noon shows in many places. It is certain to have some sort of affect on collections, just a question of how much.

The film is sure to set a record in Nizam as that circuit is recording collections which are well above anything seen before. West Bengal and Mysore are also likely to hit first day highs. The rest of India is dependent on how much Diwali Puja affects the collections from 2pm onwards, if its just 10-15% then there will be new records all over.


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