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Rajinikanth’s daughter sends moneylender to jail

One should never mess with Rajinikanth. Or his family for that matter, as film financer Sushil Gupta recently learnt.

Gupta, who had helped the superstar’s wife Latha and daughter Soundarya monetarily, was taken into custody recently when he went down to Chennai to clam his money back. Latha and Soundarya filed a case against Gupta in the Madras court. The financer was also arrested for the same.

A source informed Mumbai Mirror, “Financer Sushil Gupta had been in the news for all the wrong reasons. He went to Chennai on Monday morning. He claimed that he had to ask for his money back from Latha and Soundarya. He had apparently helped them monetarily for a educational trust.”

“However, when Sushil went to Chennai, Latha and Soundarya filed a case against him. He was arrested for interrogations. He was in the local jail for an entire day,” added the source.

Gupta was released on Wednesday afternoon after an out of court settlement with the superstar’s family.

The source further revealed, “Sushil had given Rs 2.57 crore to Latha.” Gupta, according to sources, claimed that the case against him was baseless. Latha and Soundarya had accused him of threatening the family. “It was Sushil’s manager who had simply called on his behalf to ask for the money,” added the source.

A close friend of the Rajinikanth family, however, denied the family’s involvement in the matter. “Soundarya has nothing to do with this. The matter is about Shri Raghuvendra Education Society.

The money was given to them. Latha Rajinikanth is one of the members of the society. She was probably a guarantor in the deal. That’s the reason she has been dragged into this matter. However, there has been an out of court settlement on it,” claimed the friend.

When contacted, Sushil Gupta simply said, “The matter is resolved.”


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