SRK & Anubhav Sinha’s 5 years hard effort didn’t go in vain- 4/5

Not going much into the plot.As you may already know the entire movie dealt with the influence of Modern Technology in the society.Shekhar Subrahmanium(SRK) creates a game in-order to impress Prateek(Armaan) and due to unforeseen consequences the characters of the game comes out to the real world and starts playing itself.

Technical Department:-

Anubhav Sinha’s Direction:I really did liked his previous flicks Dus & Tathastu.Both was stylish but lacked content.This time he hitted the jackpot to an extent

Script:Though the script wouldn’t worth 2 years effort,it is OK for a Super-Hero Entertainer Vishal-Shekhar’s

Music:Vishal-Shekhar failed to create impact on music charts this year with their previous attempts like Rascals & Bhudhah Hoga Tera Baap.But they hit gold this time in the form of three chartbusters in the form of Dildaara,Criminal & Chammak Chalo.Raftaarein is also a passable track.Even the background score was inspiring


Rajnikanth:An inspiring cameo from Talivar

Shahrukh Khan: As G.Oneuring his starting scenes he resembled Chitti from the 2010 Superhero movie Robot.But was mindblowing towards the climax portons As Shekhar Subrahmanium:Just Ok

Arjun Rampal:One of the most terrifying villain Bollywood has ever seen.Another brilliant perfoamce from Rampal after Rock On & Raajneeti

Kareena Kapoor:Though there is not much scope for acting,she was looking drop-dread georgeous especially in Criminal and Chammak Chalo

Armaan:Good,considering he is a newcomer Shahana GoswamiRK should have casted someone else for this role

Tom Wu,Satish Shah & Dalip Tahil:

My Favourites Scenes:-

1.Intervel scene

2.Climax Fight scene

3.The intro of Ra.One & G.One

4.All the scenes between Shekhar & Armaan


1.Technical Effects

2.Last 20 minutes(Out of the world fight scene)

3.Arjun Rampal as Ra.One

4.Shahrukh Khan as G.One & Shekhar Subrahmaniam:

5.Vishal Shekhar’s Soundtrack

6.Anubhav Sinha’s racy direction

7.Interesting cameoes from Rajnikanth,Priyanka Chopra & Sanjay Dutt

8.SRK-Kareena-Armaan Chemistry


1.Script could have been a little more tighter

2.Few of the Sonia-G.One portions were unwanted

3.Miscasting of Shahana Goswami

My verdict: 4/5-Excellent
BO Verdict:The film has already recovered 132 crores before the release.So sure ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTER


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