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Akshay and John bare all in Desi Boyz – 4.0/5.0

Who’s in it?
Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Deepika Padukone, Chitrangda Singh, Sanjay Dutt

The plot It’s the movie that reunites Garam Masala co-stars, Kumar and Abraham, and this time they’re strippers! Jerry Patel (Kumar) and Nick Mathur (Abraham) both decided to stay behind and carve out their lives in London, after heading to the UK to study at Oxford in their teens.

As the years go by, Nick emerges as the successful one, embarking on a career in investment banking and landing himself a hot fiancée in the shape of Radhika (Padukone), whilst Jerry – who’s still his flatmate – is happy to be supported by his rich best friend, while he raises his nephew, Veer (Omi Vaidya), and dates Tanya (Singh). But after the first wave of the recession hits, Nick loses his lucrative job and Jerry faces having Veer taken away from him and placed in foster care if he can’t start providing quick smart.

So, when the chips are down, the bailiffs are at the door, and a kid’s future happiness is on the line, what’s a pair of gorgeous, ripped guys to do? Why, embark on careers in stripping of course! Reinventing themselves as Hunter and Rocco, the pals start earning decent money, until their newly developed alter-egos turn them into bitter rivals…



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