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Desi Boyz Set For A Huge Release

Desi Boyz is set to get a huge release in India and will turn out to be Akshay Kumar’s biggest release in terms of theatre count beating Tees Maar Khan which was released on around 1500 plus theatres while Desi Boyz will be 1600 plus

The overall screen count will be similar to Tees Maar Khan as in some areas it has less shows at multiplexes than that film. The screen count will go towards 2200 plus.

The big release gives it the potential to put up very big numbers but the film will have to rely on word of mouth rather than a huge opening.

The single screen advance that opened on Monday was so so while the multiplex advance was a bit better as some multiplexes in the North had a decent advance. North India is likely to open best due to Akshay Kumar’s huge popularity in the Delhi/UP and East Punjab belts.

Down South in places like Bangalore and Tamil Nadu it is likely to be hit by a Tamil film Mayakkam Enna which took a huge advance in these areas and in metros like Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore, Hollywood release The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part One has a better advance.


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