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I love kids over women: Salman Khan

Salman Khan is all set to bowl his UAE fans with his charismatic presence in the Celebrity Cricket League to be held in Sharjah next year.

In this exclusive Salman talks about surgery, kids and Bollywood’s younger generation


1. What is it like playing in Sharjah?

Firstly, it feels great to be part of Celebrity Cricket League and Sharjah being our home ground (Mumbai Heroes) adds that extra excitement. Feels great to be here.

2. Have you watched any matches played in Sharjah?

This stadium is a historic venue. As a kid we have watched so many cricket matches being played here. I am glad that Sohail has chosen Sharjah Cricket Stadium as Mumbai Heroes’ home ground.

3. Any memorable Sharjah match?

Miandad hitting a six off last ball against India in Sharjah cup final 1986, bowler was Chetan Sharma. It was such a close match and India lost it.

4. Team India has not visited this region for some time

That’s why we are here to promote the match and the stadium.

5. Do you think Team India should resume playing matches here and we should see more India-Pakistan matches being played?

Yes of course they should visit. They should play.

6. What other sports you like to play?

I love sports. I like cycling, swimming. I also enjoy tennis a lot.

7. Who is your favourite cricketer?

None other than Sachin Tendulkar

8. Do you enjoy watching any other team play cricket other than Team India for their skills?

I don’t follow cricket much these days. Don’t get that much time anymore. I am sure my fans will like to see me spending more time making movies than sitting in front of TV watching cricket.

9. How do you feel being called the sexiest Bollywood star?

I don’t take these things seriously. They don’t matter to me much. I feel nothing at all.

10. Who among the young stars do you think looks promising in the industry?

I think there are many of them. There’s Ranbir Kapoor, Imran Khan. Arjun Kapoor also looks promising among the newer ones.

11. Who among the ladies do think will top the charts?

Katrina Kaif is good. I think she’s going to be there for quite some time.

12. Are you dating someone?

(Long pause). Let me think ‘ahhh. I don’t know. I forgot actually’ ahh I don’t know.

13. Do you ever want to get married?

(Again a pause) I have been thinking about it. I have been married four times earlier (jokes). But it hasn’t worked out for me. But I will try for the fifth time (laughs).

14. Do you like kids?

I love kids.

15. Do you prefer kids or beautiful ladies around you?

Any day, I will love to have kids around me more.

16. You have resumed work after your surgery. Are you feeling fine now?

I have gone through this surgery to fix whatever went wrong. I hope it’s fixed. I am feeling better now. I will have to go back once more to check if it has been actually fixed.

17. Are your fans going to see you on field playing cricket?

Unfortunately I won’t be playing this time. Due to my health conditions I will have to stay out of the field this time. But I will be here every time Mumbai Heroes play. I will always be there cheering for them.

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