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I want to become the No.1 star in Bollywood: Ranbir

Ranbir Kapoor talks about working with ex-girlriend Deepika Padukone and getting rid of the ‘Casanova’ tag

Salman calls him the next superstar, Aamir rates him higher than Imran and SRK regards him as a fine performer. And with the blessing of the Khans, he’s ready to win the rat-race and become the No 1 star in the industry.

In a candid chat with Madhureeta Mukherjee, Ranbir comes clean on his casanova image, talks about marriage, clears rumours of his tiffs with Priyanka and talks about dropping the ‘Deepika’ baggage. Read on…

Are you used to being referred to as a ‘casanova’?
I don’t get used to it, I don’t like it and I don’t enjoy it. It’s something that stuck to me since my first film, mostly because I dated an actress and was open about it.

Are you trying to change it?
I don’t try to change it. The day I settle down and get married, I will lose the tag.

Imran says that you’re the best gossip source in Bollywood…
I know all the gossip because I watch zoOm. You’re the real source. Ha, ha!

With films like Singham and Bodyguard, the action genre has made a comeback. You’re still in the romantic zone….
I don’t want to follow the herd. I believe some people are good at some things and hence, things work for them. That doesn’t mean that if south remakes are working, I’ll jump on the bandwagon and sign one.

Salman says that after the Khans, Imran and you can take over Bollywood…
It’s great of him to say that, and I hope we don’t disappoint him.

You’re working with Deepika again… What are the dos and don’ts of working with an ex?
There are no dos and don’ts. Yes, Deepika and I come with our baggage because of our relationship and how heavily it was reported, but I think it’s our job as actors to work hard on our characters and make people forget about reality. We’re trying to make the film the love story of this generation.

What about your reported cold war with Priyanka?
There’s no cold war. Priyanka’s a darling; I’m extremely fond of her. We need to be more focused on the sets (of Barfee), because we’re playing serious characters, so we can’t come across as back-slapping buddies.

Do you believe in the number game?
I don’t, but I do want my films to do well, and I do want to become the No 1 star in this industry.

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