It works with all its flaws – 3.75/5.0

By: Kshitij Mehta

Much awaited & with huge expectations, Imitiaz Ali’s Rockstar hits the screens today. After a cult hit in the form of “Jab We Met” & a so-so “Love Aaj Kal”, is Rockstar the blockbuster we all are hoping?
It’s fantastic film that could have been even more but two words are enough: RANBIR & RAHMAN.

Set in old school Delhi, goofy college boy Janardan(Ranbir) dreams of being a musician to no avail. He gets advice that music comes from a broken heart and he sets out to achieve that by wooing college hottie Heer(Nargis). Though she is about to get married, they become good friends and she leaves the country soon after. What follows is the tribulations of Janardan that make him Jordan, his rise as a musician, his relationship with Heer & the unrequited love that he longs for.

The first half is a breeze that explores their friendship and shows us the quirky character of Janardan. There are some brilliant scenes, especially the ones involving canteen manager Khatana & the bonding between Ranbir & Nargis.
The second half is much darker and shows us the animal inside Jordan that strikes all around him and the eventual outcome of his lunacy.

Visually the film is a delight, right from earthy shots of Delhi, to the breathtaking shots of Prague and the epic beauty that is Kashmir, Anil Mehta covers it all with a believable lens.
The flaws in the film are in the slightly weak narrative and random plot changes that move the story abruptly.

As the title suggests, Rockstar demands some winners from the music department and maestro AR Rahman delivers a stupendous soundtrack which forms the backbone of the film. Right from Jo Bhi Main to Sadda Haq to Faaya Kun and Nadaan Parindey, each track is a journey in itself. Kudos to Imitiaz on doing justice to the audio with terrific picturisations especially Hawa Hawa. Also a definite mention for Mohit Chauhan, the voice of the film.

And coming to the Rockstar himself, Ranbir Kapoor, take a bow for what is by far your most powerful performance to date and your ticket into the big league. He takes us on a journey of emotions from naive to happy to tortured to angry to sad, all with a dash of eccentricity. He is a complete natural and delivers a knockout blow, cementing his place as the next Superstar and leading the pack of present actors.
Nargis Fakhri looks stunning but is the weak link as her acting leaves a lot to be desired. Another Katrina in the making? Only time will tell.

Imtiaz Ali delivers yet again, only missing out on some brownie points due to few plot issues & a slightly loose screenplay. Nevertheless the overall product works.

At the end of it, I cant get enough of repeating the fact that you have to watch this film for 2 stars:
RANBIR AND RAHMAN, who are the heart and soul of the film and make every minute of this journey watchable. Together, they make you forget whatever downfalls come with the film and one should understand very clearly, if the music doesn’t work for you, the film wont.
While it wasn’t the “film of the year” I was expecting of it, it still works for me with all its flaws.

Rating: 3.75/5


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