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John Abraham gets cold feet seeing Bipasha

Dancing before your girl might not be a bad thing. However, when the very girl becomes ‘ex’, the feeling can be a tad bit uncomfortable.

At an award function held at a leading film studio last week, John Abraham had to go through a similar experience. While dancing with his Desi Boyz co-star, John who was enjoying his pelvic thrusts until he was pulled in front of Bipasha Basu.

A media person present at the event informed Mumbai Mirror, “Akshay was shuttling between the audience and the stage during the performance. He first went to Shah Rukh Khan who was sitting next to Rekha. He then moved on to his Ajnabee co-star Bipasha Basu. Akki sat down next top Bipasha and gestured towards his co-actor John.”

John, had no choice but to join Akki in the act. “John came and stood with Akshay but he was visibly uncomfortable. While Akshay danced to the Desi Boyz number, John just stood there and watched. He then tried to pull Akki back on the stage,” added the media person.

This is however, not the first time Akshay put John in a fix. John was visibly uncomfortable last week on the sets of Bigg Boss where Akki made sure John sits next to Salman, who reportedly had a fallout earlier.

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