Mesmerizing and heart-touching and evokes similar sentiments as Jordan – 4.0/5.0

When you take a visionary filmmaker, a legendary musician, an actor with the perfect genes in him, you get a product that everyone talks about, positively of course! Imtiaz Ali has done it again by taking up another love story, adding his creative genius to it and making a Rockstar for us to see. It isn’t a run-of-the-mill Bollywood flick but a strong concept about two people in love who pine for each other in their own separate ways. That is indeed the USP of Rockstar, a high tension romance that has built up over the years only for them to realize it at a time when the lovers are on two very different paths of life. Imtiaz Ali has once again made a story with so much conviction that you will see it culminating on the screen, whether it is the concept, Ranbir Kapoor or the Czech model-turned-actor Nargis Fakhri.

Ranbir Kapoor has evolved from his chocolate boy look in Saawariya that he sported 4 years back to the rather simple Jatt boy, Janardhan Jakhar transforming into the rugged musician Jordan, (a nomenclature given to him by his lady love) in Rockstar. Your heart shall feel deeply for this boy turned man in this film. The simplicity will touch you and the later avatar will force you to believe in yourself and hence fight for what is truly yours. Nargis Fakhri makes a decent debut with Rockstar, although she must sincerely work on her acting and the accented Hindi however her pretty disposition is just about enough to be noticed. It is all a director’s expertise that the flaws are beautifully hidden and all you see is a perfect picture on the screen.

A.R. Rahman is already a youth icon, he is known and loved for the music he makes, in India and abroad. The movie has some beautiful tracks from the heavy metal Saadda Haq (which by now is already an anthem) to a soft romantic yet haunting number “Aur Ho” and “Tum Ko” to the mind-numbing Sufi song “Kun Faaya Kun”. The music created a buzz long before the movie hit the theaters, so half the battle for this glorious movie was already won.
Janardhan is a simple boy studying in Delhi University and aspires to become the next Jim Morrison, but only faces ridicule when he tries performing. A mentor tells him he must get his heart broken to be able to sing from his heart that shall eventually take him to greatness because pain is the ‘key to artistry’. His peers at the college crave for attention from the ‘hottie’ on the campus, Heer Kaul, a ‘neat & clean’, upper class girl studying in St. Stephen’s.

Janardhan manages to befriend the upper class chick only to discover that she is about to get married soon in Prague and wants to do all the tabooed things like using cuss words and drinking desi alcohol among other things. Janardhan helps Heer do all that she wants to before she ties the knot. The friendship is heart-warming. The couple is meant to fall in love, as in every love story, tragic or not.

You will see the tension building up between the two but they restrain from letting go of all the barriers lest it should complicate their lives. Janardhan was rechristened Jordan by Heer and he gladly accepts the new identity. He is thrown out of his house and the family breaks ties with him, he spends few months at Hazrat Nizamuddin’s dargah before he finally gets noticed by the right man who brings him to the right place. The man in question is the late Shammi Kapoor, who plays Ustad Jameel Khan, a renowned shehnai player. Rockstar is the last movie where the legendary Shammi Kapoor will be seen. It was touching to see the Kapoors share screen space.
Another actor who needs mention is Aditi Rao Hydari, previously seen in Sudhir Mishra’s ‘Yeh Saali Zindagi’ earlier this year. She plays a fiery reporter who pretty much shadows Jordan wherever he goes since she needs to write about an upcoming star, so India or Europe, she is everywhere. Jordan becomes an angry man as the years pass by, he pines to be with Heer and inevitably breaks laws to try and get to her. In other words, he is a ‘Heavy Metal’ Devdas.
Agreed that there may be certain glitches in the screenplay, including areas where the media hounds a Rockstar in India, wherein our country is yet to readily accept non-film singers on a big scale, but one can’t fault the filmmaker or the crew for minor glitches, for it is the processed product that has been presented on a platter for the audiences.
The scenic locales will make your heart skip a beat, be it the snow-capped Himalayas, few areas in Delhi in the peak of the winters, or the ever-so-beautiful Europe, mostly Prague. A good story shot with a vision in mind in beautiful locations is what defines Imtiaz Ali’s work. He may just be the next cult filmmaker revered for his style of film making just like Yash Chopra is.

Jalaluddin Rumi’s poetry has been given a visual form and used beautifully since the essence of the script lies in these two lines I quote now:
”Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

They just speak about Heer-Janardhan’s love story, about the anguish and pain in Jordan’s heart and how he finally finds peace within himself.
Verdict: Mesmerizing and heart-touching and evokes similar sentiments as those of Jordan.


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