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Ra.One rubs Mumbai’s railway cops the wrong way

Shah Rukh Khan’s latest movie Ra.One has left the city’s railway cops worried. The railway protection force (RPF) and the police, who are trying to curb incidents of roof-top travel in suburban trains, say the stunts in the movie have dampened the spirit of their campaign.

The movie shows Khan running atop Central Railway’s (CR) local trains, jumping from one to another and over the roof-top of the motorman’s cabin. The stunts have been made with animation and special effects and can’t be done in reality, but youngsters, railway officials say, tend to blindly imitate them.

A senior RPF official said the railways should have studied the script before allowing such scenes involving local trains.

Vidyadhar Malegaonkar, chief spokesperson said that no stunts were at all performed on the CR premises and everything that one sees in the film was created in a studio. “They had just videographed CST station and running trains and no stunts were performed.”

A senior RPF official insistedthat the railways should have studied the script before allowing such scenes.

During the action scenes, Khan jumps over windows and the roof of a 12-car train. There is also a scene where he jumps from one running train to another, albeit he murmurs “do not repeat this at home”.

“These stunts are animations and youngsters should not put their lives in peril,’’ appeals Prabhat Kumar, commissioner of police (railways).

But, Subhash Gupta, former member of national railway users’ consultative committee, said, “Putting this dialogue in the film doesn’t end the responsibility of the railways who have allowed their premises and trains to be used for huge amounts of money.”

The railway police have been detaining youth for train stunts and this movie, they feel, has come at a wrong time.


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