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Salman Khan embarrassed by Kareena Kapoor?

Even though of late he has been doing action sequences that strangely resemble the action done by actor Rajinikanth in his earlier films, actor Salman Khan says that he doesn’t want to be compared to the South star. Salman seems visibly embarrassed of the fact that actress Kareena Kapoor has called him the ‘Rajinikanth of Bollywood’.

Kareena had earlier said that Salman has a super-hero image in Bollywood akin to what Rajinikanth had in his heydays. “To me, Salman is the Rajinikanth of Bollywood. His action sequences, his screen presence and specially his actions remind us of the same Rajinikanth that we saw earlier in Bollywood,” Kareena had said.

But when Salman was told about this, he shied away. The actor said that that he doesn’t like being called Rajinikanth, because he believes that he is not in the same league yet.

“Rajinikanth is in a different league altogether. I just try and do my bit,” Salman is said to have told those present. The actor also admitted that he tends to go a little overboard with his actions which makes him look like a hero capable of super-hero actions.

“I am aware the kind of action I do and I must admit that there may come a time when I may go a bit overboard with the action sequences and the audience may go Itna bhi nahi yaar, aisa kya thodi hota hai,” he added.

Salman also said thinks that his best phase still eludes him and he will be delivering even bigger hits. “The best phase of my career is yet to come. I am not done here,” shared Salman.

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