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Sonakshi chooses Ranbir over Ranveer

To speak your mind out, without caring to be in the good books of one and all, is what Sonakshi Sinha has proven time and again. Still, it came as a surprise, when someone like her, who couldn’t stop raving about Ranveer Singh post Band Baaja Baarat, called Ranbir Kapoor a better actor than Raveer that too, when Ranveer was seated right next to her.

On probing her further on the same, Sonakshi said, “My vote will definitely go to Ranbir Kapoor, even if Ranveer doesn’t like it because it’s true, but that doesn’t mean Ranveer isn’t a good actor. But, Ranveer being one film old like me has a long way to go and Ranbir has more or less proved his acting prowess.”

Ranveer responded to the same quickly and said, “I completely agree with Sonakshi. Ranbir is a youth icon and definitely an inspiration for young actors like me, who want to make it big in the industry. I love the fact that he has experimented with his roles and lived up to each with conviction.”

“I too have a long way to go because the success of one’s debut venture doesn’t decide the fate of one’s entire career,” concluded Ranveer.

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