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Vivek’s two minutes of fame at Ash’s party

Not only did the actor’s overzealous event manager distribute Watch Indian Circus DVDs to the media right outside Jalsa, his gun-toting bodyguards got into a tiff with a five-star hotel security team.

On Aishwarya Rai’s big day, Vivek Oberoi inadvertently got his two minutes of fame as well. The actor indirectly ended up becoming the talking point at the Bachchan family press conference to celebrate the latest addition to their family, Beti B when journalists were distributed DVDs of his co-production Watch Indian Circus right outside the Bachchan residence.

It happened like this. Journalists who had gathered at a Juhu hotel for the DVD launch the of Vivek’s home production, had to cut short their interaction to rush to Jalsa, where the Bachchans were holding their press meet. The DVDs had not arrived by then but most of the mediapersons were not willing to wait.

At Jalsa, just when Amitabh and Abhishek were meeting and greeting the media, an SMS was sent out from Vivek’s event manager. A journalist present on the occasion told Mumbai Mirror, “In the middle of the Bachchan event, we got a call and SMS from the organisers of the Vivek event asking us to come out and collect the DVD’s of Watch Indian Circus.”

Needless to say, the journalists were pretty shocked and somewhat amused at the bizarre coincidence. When some of them did step out of Jalsa eventually, there was indeed a man waiting there with a boxful of Vivek’s DVDs

Interestingly, this was not the only thing that went wrong with Vivek. Earlier in the day, the actor, who has been working hard to get rid of his ‘bad boy’ image, ran into a spot of trouble at hotel that was hosting his event.

An eyewitness told Mumbai Mirror, “Vivek Oberoi arrived at the suburban hotel around 3.30 pm for the press conference with his Man Friday and a personal security guard. The guard was carrying a licensed gun. When Vivek headed for the security check, he was on a phone call. He asked the hotel security to hang on with their metal scanners till he finished the call.”

After the security check, Vivek headed towards the coffee shop of the hotel. “Realising that Vivek was already inside, his personal security guard ran after his boss, without bothering to stop for the mandatory security check,” added the witness.

The hotel’s security personnel did not take too kindly to this incident. “Vivek’s guard was carrying a gun. The hotel security got into a heated argument with the guard over this. The matter was escalated to the head of security of the hotel. The head met Vivek and informed him about the altercation that happened,” said the witness.

However, a friend close to the actor present at the event informed that Vivek was not aware of the incident. “Vivek’s guard was indeed involved in a verbal spat with the hotel security. But Vivek was inside the venue at the moment had no clue about what was going on,” said the friend.

Vivek Oberoi remained unavailable for comment.

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