Don 2 Has 80% All India First Day Opening

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Don 2 has opened to an 80% response on an all India basis. The multiplex opening is 80-85% while single screens on average are 70-75%. West Bengal has opened very strongly with collections at multiplexes and single screens 90% plus from the first show. Theatres like Big and Paradise were house full from first show. Overall it is a very good opening at multiplexes and good at single screens

North India is super strong at some centres but others being around 70%. Delhi NCR is very good while Punjab is good but many stations of UP are lower Rajasthan had a good opening while the CI and Bihar saw the lowest opening as B and C centre single screens in these circuits were 40-60% and these circuits are full of these type of centres. South India should also have a good first day especially Mysore.

The evening shows at multiplexes are showing good bookings at big centre multiplexes but the early public reorts are mixed.


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