Don 2 Has Good Advance

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Don 2 has had a good advance though it is not comparable to Bodyguard and Ra.One which had sold much more tickets in advance. If we compare with Ready then it is better at multiplexes than that film but not single screens. The film will put up big numbers at multiplexes across the country.

The single screen advance is lower, normally the good single screens in Delhi like Liberty and Vishaal are close to being booked out for day one by the big event films but here just 40-50% tickets are gone. These theatres are advance theatres and take the best advance bookings in the country.

In the metros the film is being helped by the 3D version which has strong bookings but at many other places pricing is playing spoil sport where more bookings are coming in for the cheaper tickets rather than the 3D ones which are priced 70-80% more than 2D at places especially in the morning shows. As there is a Tamil and Telugu version for the film, it will be the second biggest release of 2011 after Ra.One hitting 3000 plus screens.


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