Don 2 will touch upon Don’s past: Farhan Akhtar

Director Farhan Akhtar, whose sequel to Don is set to hit the screens this month, says he decided to make the film because it gave him a lot of freedom to explore the character in the action-thriller format.

The Shah Rukh Khan-starrer, which is more sleek and better in terms of story and technology, was easy to make, says Farhan, adding he was free to make up the story, which was not possible with the first film, an remake of Amitabh Bachchan’s 1978 movie of the same name.

“I had lot of freedom because the audience is already familiar with the character. Don’s past is not known and this film will briefly touch upon that because he is what he is because of the environment he was born into it. We are also coming up with a comic book, which is a prequel to Don and talks in detail about Don’s past,” said Akhtar, who was here to launch the look of the film at the ongoing Dubai Film Festival.

The plan to make the new Don into a franchise, has landed the makers into trouble but they are keen to take the story forward with many more parts to come.

Shah Rukh Khan said he liked picking up the character and would like to see other movies in the franchise.

“It is fantastic that you don’t leave a nice character like this. I am ready for part 3, 4 because we relished every moment of the film. You get to say some of the coolest lines, fools around with girls and be really bad,” the actor said.

Echoing Shah Rukh, Farhan said he decided to pick up the character again because it still had a lot to offer.

“I am wary of sequels having to be made. You should not touch it if you don’t have a nice story to tell.With Don 2 I could finally make an action thriller the way I wanted to. Good story, classic and simple plot which has one goal and work towards it effectively and dramatically,” he added.

Actress Priyanka Chopra says she enjoyed revisiting her character of Roma in the movie.

“One thing about Don is that he makes bad look so sexy. It is an alter-ego to all of us. In that way, he is aspirational. My character has also evolved in the film. I am angry, tough chick in the movie.”

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