Looks soo much better than what SRK did in Ra 1 – 3.75/5.0

By: Naveed

There was 4 shows in my local area and for premiere shows that is very impressive. I planned to watch the film on 2D but due to arriving late and all the shows being sold out I had to settle for the 3D late night show.

People from all ages (film is a 12A) came and from what I could gather it was a very positive response from the audience. The film is quite lengthy but I never felt it drag and the pace was bang on for such a film.

The film starts off with a group of gangsters (drug mafia people) plotting to kill Don (SRK). Don arrives and in such an arrogant way takes care of everyone and anyone who stands in his way. The character of Don is not someone who is strong and powerful (John in Force) or Salman in Wanted where he beats up the goons left right and center. Don weighs up the opposition and calculates his each and every move and the consequences are devastating as can be seen with the opening sequence in the film.

The film like I said never drags and this is what works for the film. As soon as the pace drops due to a lengthy conversation or some little romance then BANG the film picks up again. Perfect for such a genre.

The jail sequences in Malaysia are shot well and the confrontation of Don and Vradhaan (Boman Irani) is an exciting one. Lara is introduced via the one song in the film and my word she looks HOTTT but this is one of the most insignificant roles she has played till date.

The film really takes off once Don and Vradhaan concoct a plan to steal plates from Berlin and some smart flashbacks are incorporated into the proceedings of which the writers and Farhan deserve credit (will list these below under spoilers)

Once they begin work on their plan other characters are introduced and not one person according to me with the exception of Lara (lack of scope failed). This is the strong point of the film that along with a solid script the characters keep the proceedings going.

I loved Hrithk Roshan’s 3 min appearance and I must confess I didn’t click on until the final moment…. (don’t want to spoil it for others)

The intermission comes at the perfect point where Don has everything in place for his robbery and where Roma (Priyanka Chopra) is gathering details on who may be involved in the mission with Don.

The climax for me worked but it almost fell apart only for the twist at the end which suggests that if this clicks (and it should) then a third installment of Don is in the pipeline.

1) SRK – Star of the show and looks soo much better than what he did in Ra-1. That film seems a long way back after having watched Don 2 because he looks healthy and is back to his energetic self. Yes sometimes he would go over the top especially with his exchanges with Priyanka but I guess that can be overlooked. One of his best works in terms of action scenes.

2) Boman Irani – loved his attitude in the jail sequences in Malaysia and he made the whole cinema laugh when he is yawning and looking bored listening to Dr Schinider.

3) Priyanka Chopra – am sorry to say this and I know I shouldn’t but I just couldn’t get past her nose unless she was wearing shades and it was a long distance shot. I mean why did she have to fool around with her nose. Anyway so that I don’t rant any further she is competent in her role and loved her towards the end where she beats up a few guyz lol

4) Abdul Jabbar – tried finding his name but to no avail (if my memory serves me right he is Preity Zinta’s brother in Janemaan). My word he is fantastic in his role. He is a tall muscular guy and he uses that to his advantage. In the film his profession dictates who he is but he does a fine job. Good casting if ever there was one

5) The rest including Kunal Kapoor, Lara Dutta, Om Puri etc do what is required and nothing much else.

1) The opening fight sequence
2) The car chase sequence between Don and Roma
3) The way SRK handles himself in prison and how he and Boman escape
4) The LAST scene post the climax

I know many hyped up the fall that SRK does from 30 feet up or something but it did nothing for me and could have been done better.

– Music is a letdown and that is putting it mildly. There is only one song and then another with the rolling credits but they are BAD.
– No punchy dialogues. The original Don and many of the recent successful action films have had memorable dialogues but I couldn’t think of great ones in Don 2.
– The film is like a Hollywood film but without being one if that makes sense (like Kites). It looks classy and reminded me of several Hollywood films I’ve seen over the years namely the Bourne films. The film won’t connect with the masses. In the multiplex it should do well and will be interesting to see how it fares along with MI4. Overseas it should do very well and it really has embarked upon a great start in England.

Rating 4/5 but if I wanted to be more specific lol then a weak 4/5 and strong 3.5 oh what the heck 3.75 it is

P.S I reviewed Ra1 and predicted how it would crash and that is exactly what happened. Here the opposite will happen as the film will collect handsomely and should earn over 115+ (now that could be anywhere from 115 above)

The way Singhania is linked to the film and how Diwan and the president of Germany (I think lol) made a deal to assasinate another potential candidate.

SRK knows this information and this is how he goes about blackmailing him and stealing those plates.


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