Movie Review: Lanka (2011)

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‘Ramayana’ has often been adapted on the small screen as well as the big screen. Perhaps, for the first time, a film-maker has attempted to make a present-day version of the epic focusing on the relationship between Raavan and Vibhishan. They aren’t brothers in this particular case, but they share a brotherly bond. The relationship goes kaput when they get into a conflict involving a lady. Their lives, thereafter, are not the same. Quite an interesting concept for a film. And an attention-grabbing title too.

First-time director Maqbool Khan borrows the principal characters from the epic, places them in present-day North India, but modifies the plot [giving the characters different names as well], thereby giving a completely novel twist to the tale, which sheds light on the tumultuous relationship shared by Raavan and Vibhishan. On paper, yes, the concept does catch your attention, but the true test lies in making the moviegoer stay glued to the goings-on for the next two hours. LANKA has some spellbinding moments, but they are few and far between to leave an indelible impression.

LANKA is an emotional journey of man [Arjan Bajwa] torn between the loyalty for his mentor Jaswant [Manoj Bajpayee] and the empathy he feels for Anju [Tia Bajpai], who is trapped and held captive by Jaswant. It’s a journey of a man who would be termed a traitor by some and righteous by others. LANKA is about love, loyalty, betrayal and justice.


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Negative Reviews
2.0 “LANKA has some shining moments, but they are few and far between.”
Bollywood Hungama
2.0 “Lanka doesn’t work for its story but for the performances, especially that of Manoj Bajpayee.”
2.0 “Lanka is like an old wine in new bottle, which is tolerable because of its ‘A’ class performances. “
Daily Bhaskar
1.5 “That’s the end of LANKA. We are free to flee!”
1.0 “Lanka lacks in star, entertainment and promotional value. “

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