The Bang could have been a bit Louder – 3.5/5.0

By: Serenzy

Finally after a long wait of 4 damn years here’s a SRK movie i finally Loved….The King is well and truly back(after the Disasters of RA.One) and Don2 does not dissapoint at all on many counts.

Yes people, SRK can be trusted again and you can venture out with your family for sure ofr this one and don2 is sure to mesmerize you a lot…

Farhan Akhtar shows again why he is one of the best and truly handles the action genre with aplomb and makes a fantastic movie which somewhere dips in places but as a whole is treat to watch…really grateful to farhan for giving SRK this movie….hoping to see more srk-farhan ventures as i sense they could make lot better movies if together coz farhan finnaly brings out the somewhere lost screen presence of SRK back on the screen…

A Word about ‘Excel Entertainment’….it is deffo one of the Bestest produciton houses in the country today(top 5) and their CV is impressive with some mind blowing and successful films(Only ‘Game’ and to some extent ‘lakshya’ are only their really BIG mistakes)….they have their fans too and this is one produciton house that could be trusted eaily for their films…Time to dance aamir fans and cinema lovers….Talaash is Next…..!!!!

Priyanka & Lara dont have much role but act well in their respective parts.Om Puri is OK enough.Boman Irani is good(espc. towards the end).Kunal Kapoor plays his part well too……the actor who really shines out among the supporting cast is Nawab.His built is awesome btw(truly,a beast of a man) and his rough character truly gels well with the proceedings.Aly Khan is another actor who plays out his part outstandigly good and i liked the vulnerability of his character.

The foreing crew is good and not stereotypical as shown in Bollywood movies.
SRK acts really well in this one…..after a long long time I really liked watching him on screen again…he holds your attention in practically every scene he is a part off….and those who thought SRK cant do action films are really mistaken coz his action scenes in Don2 are really awesome(bollywood level)…it’s a treat to watch him throughout the film…!!

The first half is just about okay and ends abruptly but its the 2nd half(the hiest,the re-heist and the end) that tkes this movie to another level….though the SHOCKER could have been a little more dramatic and shocking but it is good enough on its own…the pace is very fast post the interval and this could be its weakpoint for the single screen(masala type) audience. The 2nd half doesnt have a song(the film only has 1) and is carried out practically only at one place.

Compared to previous Don(2006) this one is deffo better and i really belive they could easily go ahead with Don 3 instead of RA.One sequel.

The movie proves one more thing that Aamir is deffo a better ‘film maker’ then SRK bcz wenever SRK pokes his nose in many things things tend to go very wrong(OSO was saved due to medium budget and hype…alas RA.One)…..And SRK really shines when given such grey,brooding and intense characters(MNIK,CDI,Swades) instead of doing bufoonery and playing himself(Salman rocks that aspect better) SRK must from now on really submit himself to the director hands so that the acting aspect of his shines. Also, i belive he firmly must not keep on going about ranting about himself and let his movies do the talking… Don2 does exactly that…

I hope a worthy film like don2 does really well bcz it deserves it….Though the reviews havent been to good this film is really better than the reviews and i would appeal to some SRK haters here to go and check this out(in the morning show atleast where the ticket price is less)…..

i saw the movie in 2D and it looks better in that itself(instead of Gimmichy 3D)…my hall was 80% full…..the audience response was ho-hum till the interval but it got mixed(heavily on the positive side) after the movie ended(exactly inverted of which was good till interval and Disastrous after the ending)…..Deffo better then and SRK really seems to have worked his magic all over again…..!!!!

My last words….SRK is definately racing swiflty now after some serious potholes on the way(post 2007) and i hope from now on his movies do well(if not beat salman in every other movie) and content is very good in every movie.

RATING – 3.5/5


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