Agneepath Disappoints – 2.5/5.0

By: Aryan

After all such huge hype i am highly disappointed with the film Too borring at many places specially hrithik’s track with his sister and romantic track with priyanka i just couldnt go through both these tracks.

A film full of heavy emotions and revenge where Hrithik is expressionless half of the times.and his dialogue delievery is also not convincing specially if its compared to VDC of old agneepath.It seemed he was reading dialogues rather than saying them.As VDC it was blink and miss for Hrithik like just when you thought damn now he is in the character immediately after that scene Hrithik looses it out completely.but his body language,his looks and he in action scenes was more than perfect action scenes he gave more expressions than rest of the film.overall a very average performance by Hrithik and if you go by hrithik standards expectations iconic vdc character then it was below average.4/10

Sanjay dutt played his part very well.He has made kaancha cheena of his own Looked much more deadly than danny in old agneepath which i think will go with the film but he was repetitive which i and my few friends didnt liked maybe mass audience will like it.also at some places he was too loud and few of the dialogues were just for the sake of saying them which actually were not needed or necessary.overall sanjay dutt has done his best i bet no actor in this industry could replace him or the way he has made kaancha cheena more deadly dangerous than original only he could have done that just superb but his characterisation could have been edited and as i said before few of the dialogues too and he was unnecessarily too loud maybe masses will like it or family will stay away from it dont know but i didnt liked.7/10

Priyanka chopra in short over acted and was hamming also it seemed she has come straight from the set of kaminey(in which she did much better) also chemistry between hrithik and priyanka was too forceful and borring.3/10

Rishi Kapoor as Rauf lala is The Best Part of the film handsdown..super awesome acting i will not say anything more about his character as it will give spoilers.He made me forgot he was the same rishi kapoor which i have watched till date.hatsoff watch it to believe it.10/10

And ofcourse chikni chameli enjoyed it fully thanks to katrina kaif she had done her job more than perfectly and was a treat to watch her dance whole song..i am saying this seriously she is the BIGGEST factor contributing in HUGE opening rather than hrithik or anyone she will draw more mass audience than anyone in the film .masses will go absolutely crazy and will drool over her performance in the song.I dont think she will be credited for this film as much she deserves even if it was only a item song The crowd pull she will have with her performance no other actress or item girl could ever have it.10/10

Music is not great and not much to remember apart from chikni chameli. but it goes with the film when you watch it though it could have been better.6/10

Cinematography looks too fake at places.4/10

Dialogues are overall good but hrithik doesnt utilizes them fully.even sanjay dutt goes over with them at few places.7/10

Action scenes except few are overall good but too raw and voilence may keep family audience away after the opening weekend but boys will like it for sure specially.the.young boys.8/10

Screenplay was simply average.great at few places.sometimes good and rest borring.very montonous. 5/10

Honestly i would have liked the film more if i didnt had more expectations because of all the huge hype created by trade and reviewers..i think it can work against the film like i am disappointed as its nothing like that.its simply an average film which i didnt liked that much but can be liked by mass audience though not as much as its expected.I think predict it will fall after weekend anyways.

My rating 2.5/5

I would have given 2stars but .5 only for rishi kapoor’s acting and chikni chameli(Katrina Kaif).


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