Agneepath Has Huge Alarming Drop On Day Two

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Agneepath after a record breaking first day has seen a huge drop in collections at the box office. The drop was expected as it is normal after a major holiday but the drops with Agneepath are pretty alarming even when considering the holiday factor.

A 25-30% drop would have been fair result but early indications suggest a larger drop especially looking at the collections coming from mass pockets like CP Berar and CI which were amongst the strongest performers on its record breaking first day.

A centre like Nagpur in Maharashtra which was an outperforming centre on day one with a collections of 25 lakhs has collected 13 lakhs on Friday. The drops are similar in UP, CI and Rajasthan

North India was an under performer on the first day compared to rest of India has also seen a huge drop and going the early trending for day two it seems like a 12 crore nett Friday for Agneepath.


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