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Farah Khan & Shirish Apologize to SRK

After much of hoopla, finally everything seems to be sorted out. It’s said, in Bollywood no long term friend and no long term enemy. After the clash finally Shirish & Farah went to SRK’s Mannat to apologize for all the bad mouthing they have been doing since release of Ra.One.

Shirish’s recent tweet were;

ShirishKunderShirish Kunder
Some incidents in our life when resolved makes relationships stronger than they were ever before.
9 minutes ago

ShirishKunderShirish Kunder
Shahrukh and I just met, had a heart to heart chat and have resolved all misunderstandings. All animosity is now sorted for good.
12 minutes ago

In a telephonic conversation with news channel CNN-IBN, Sajid said that he brought the two warring parties together in order to resolve the conflict. He said that Farah and Shah Rukh have been friends for 20 years and he wanted them to get rid of the negative air around.

“There were hugs and tears when Farah, I And Shirish went to Mannat to resolve the issue,” said Sajid.
He also mentioned that Shah Rukh had been one of the three witnesses when Farah married Kunder and that he was family.

Interestingly, there is already a joke doing rounds regarding the whole fiasco

After SRK’s Thappad last night, when Sirish went to Mannat to ask forgiveness along with Farah Khan.
SRK asks, “Ek Thappad Kafi Nahin Thi Kya ?”
Sirish: “Aree, Tees Maar… Khan… Ek Se Mera Kya Hoga !”

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