Its good in some parts and yawn inducing in others – 2.5/5.0

By: Suprabh

The most (agnee)PATH breaking moment in modern Bollywood cinema for me, came when the introduction began with DHARMA PRODUCTION banner and instead of the aaaaaaaaaaa (tum paas aaye) aarti from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai…they played a modern adrenaline pumping tune. I thought, well, looks like Kjo has grown a ball or two.

Movie Review
This movie shouldn’t have been called Agneepath. Sure there was a kaancha cheena, a Vijay chauhan and the oval of mumbai- Maandwa..but the movie was far from Agneepath or Scarface. The story was similar and so was the theme, but Agneepath was a story which primarily revolved around the character of Vijay Deenanath Chauhan and was 99% about him. This new Dharma has a ball-agneepath was about not about VDC but was about the old movie and thats where it falls. They could have called it paanipath, janpath or lathpath but not agneepath..because when you do so, the audience, looks out for the Vijays and the Chauhans and sadly they do not get it.

The movie is watchable and does get interesting in part. The fight scenes especially are awesome to watch but what makes me as an audience bored is too much influence on the slow motion entries and the long close ups. It looks like they are TRYING to throw it in your face. Hrithik acts well and plays his part with absolute dedication and a 100% commitment to the character, but unfortunately for him, the character has not been written that well.

The post interval sequences seems to have been directed by Karan Johar and they start their sonu nigamm bhajans with the 3KG-its all about loving Yash Johar syndrome. Yash uncle (johar wale) we miss you 🙁 Priyanka Johar deserves the Ramjaane award for best overacting and the particular mumbai chaal deserves the DLF most loving, helpful and dedicated housing society award. The best thing about Agneepath Mumbai villains especially who kill 2 dozen people everyday is their ability to sing and dance, which is clearly shown in the movie.

Now lets talk about Kaancha Cheena..Sanjay Dutt looks fab and fat. He probably ate so much, that he let his acting abilities out along with the consequent farts. Sanjay Is one actor who I have probably never criticized but looking at his scenes and his dialog delivery, it seems he has been spending a lot of time with Imraan Khan of lately.

I would like to mention some of the sequences which I absolutely loved– Kaancha Cheena’s entry, the pre interval qawwali. The scene where Hrithik rescues his sister is probably the best scene of the movie.

A word about Chikni Chameli- shake that ass baby..shake those puppies baby..and for god sake at least understand what a pauaa means. The step where she enacts pauaa chadha ke aayi..her fingers depict she is drinking from the cap of the bottle…

A real mood spoiler of the movie is its continuity – Immidiately after a song–there’d be a fight…or immidiately after a fight- a song or an unexpected scene which just doesn’t go with the movie.

The Climax of the movie is good until Kaan chida Cheena is playing with hrithik like a toy..but when two stabs do not looks like we are back to 80s cinema all over again.


Agneepath is a watchable movie..Its good in some parts and yawn inducing in others..but as I said in the beginning, the movie is not about Vijay deenanath chauhan..rather its about Karan Johar’s tribute to daddy dearest’s cult film. I would add here that, Karan Malhotra is a good director. With a better script he can do much, much better.

Story- 5 on 10
Screenplay- 6 on 10
Rishi Kapoor- 10 on 10
Hrithik- 9 on 10
Sanjay Dutt- 3 on 10
Priyanka Chopra – Ramjaane on Kya hoga
Katrina Kaif- Ass on Boobs

Dialogs – 5 on 10
Direction- 6 on 10

Overall 5 on 10.


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