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Neetu wants credit for Ranbir Kapoor

You can’t take the Kapoor away from the name. It’s the first family of Bollywood, after all.

And who wouldn’t boast of this ‘K’ factor in a name? Ranbir’s good looks, his swagger, his skills and his charm – they’re all accredited to his enviable lineage. But looks like mom Neetu wants more than the Kapoor share this time around.

Recently, Shabana Azmi revealed that when Javed Akhtar watched Ranbir’s latest film Rockstar and called to congratulate him, he found himself talking to Neetu on the other side. Neetu apparently joked that it was high time people stopped giving credit for Ranbir’s skills only to the Kapoor lineage and gave some credit to his Singh roots too. She laughed saying that it wasn’t just the looks he had gotten from his mother, but also some acting skills. We don’t care who takes the credit for the RK boy – it’s all in his genes anyway.

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