Sanjay Dutt: Don’t want my kids to watch me in Agneepath

Sanjay Dutt’s deadly act in Agneepath may have raised the bar for Bollywood villains, but this is one screen persona he would like to hide from his twins. Though Shahraan and Iqra are toddlers, and too young to understand at the moment, he would not like them to watch the flick till they are grown up and mature enough. Reason? The star feels he has outdone himself in essaying the bloodcurdling baddie on screen.

Though he has been part of gangster flicks and done dark roles, he thinks nothing matches to this. He has already instructed wife Maanayata to keep this film beyond reach of their offsprings.

Says Dutt, “Yes, I would really not want my kids to see me in such a character. I have told Maanayata not to show it to them for a long, long time.”

When the star began to shoot for the flick, he had to shave his head. On reaching home with his tonsured look, his tots initially stayed away for a while. It was only later when they recognised his voice that they knew this was their dad!

Seeing himself in Kancha Cheena’s avatar came as a shock to Dutt as well. Though he followed the script, he was taken aback by the evil he had managed to spew for the character.

When he saw the first rushes of the film and during dubbing, he needed to take a break as he was so taken aback by his monstrous self on screen.


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