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Sonam Kapoor takes sari to Paris Fashion Week

The lovely Indian actress, who has made quite a name as a style diva, was invited to attend the Elie Saab Couture Fashion show at the Paris Fashion Week. She wore a plain pink sari with elaborately done white border. And here is the twist, the fashionista, not without her experimental streak, added an intricate lace shrug by Elie Saab to her overall glam-meets-class look.

When in Paris, do as the Parisians do! Though Sonam Kapoor was in Paris, she didn’t do what the fashionable Parisians do, and instead of opting for a gorgeous western wear to attend a fashion week, the actress chose a sari by designer Deepti Pruthi.

The close-neck sleeveless blouse with exquisite work on the neck looked classy, but a touch of couture was required. Thus an Elie Saab full-sleeves shrug in delicate lace came to the picture. Also Sonam’s loop earrings with pearls were a perfect match for her fashion week ensemble.

A few days back we did write about how Sonam Kapoor prefers the saris not to be worn in a drab, conventional style. Sonam was also invited by Jean Paul Gaultier to attend his show at the Paris Fashion Week for which the actress chose a suit.

So here is India’s favourite fashion queen, Sonam Kapoor, winning the hearts as she takes the sari to the front row of the world’s most famous fashion week.


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