Sunny Leone Confirmed for Jism 2

Adult movie star and reality show queen, Sunny Leone, is finally signed for Jism 2.
Sunny Leone Confirmed for Jism 2.

Sunny Leone would be arriving Delhi to begin the shooting of the film in March 2012. The producers, Sunny Leone and her audience all are happy with this confirmation.

An excited Pooja Bhatt exclaims, “It can now be yelled from the rooftop that Jism 2 is Sunny Leone and Sunny Leone is Jism 2. I took a long time to finalise the lead because somewhere something didn’t feel right. And then I found her in my backyard while watching TV.”

If Pooja is shooting in Delhi, is Sunny Leone playing a Delhi girl! Pooja confirms even this. “Yes, Sunny Leone belongs to Delhi in the film. Her roots, in real life are also from that part of the country (North India). We will be shooting in Delhi and then in Jaipur. She is playing a girl who is just out of University. There is a phase of blossoming romance in the film and what better place than Delhi to shoot it!” confirms the director Pooja Bhatt.

There would be two male leads in the film. So have they been zeroed down? Who would they be? Ask Pooja and she replies, “One is going to be young and one will be in his early 40s.”

But Sunny is that perfect in Hindi! But worry not, she is working on her Hindi these days. Pooja says, “We are sending her the dialogues in advance. She says that she is sleeping, eating and breathing Hindi.”

Sunny is a famous adult movie star, so is Pooja Bhatt paying her a mammoth amount for the film! Pooja doesn’t like the question and says, “Most people think it’s distasteful to talk about the human body; I think it’s distasteful to talk about cash.”

Coming to Sunny, even she has confirmed that she is doing Jism 2. “It was only after I heard the story that I really agreed to the character they wanted me to play,” says Sunny.


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