The film in itself was a mixed bag – 3.0/5.0

This probably is one of the most difficult Bachchan film to remake but Johar has done it with reasonable success I must say.

For those who have the seen the VDC volcano exploding theaters in 1990(including yours truly), this reboot is a farce but let’s not undermine the amount of hard work Hrithik has put in. He gives it all he has & somehow manages to be Vijay (not Vijay Dinanath Chauhan offcourse !!). But having said that he destroys the legacy of the iconic character. VDC of 1990 was a charismatic, larger than life man while the Vijay of 2012 is a boy playing games in order to get the antagonist’s head. Hrithik acts well but the just doesn’t have enough substance it in him to make this iconic character his own.

Chopra girl annoys to the core while Zarina Wahab takes a back seat unlike Rohini Hattangadi. The great Om Puri is criminally wasted.

Rishi Kapoor spews venom & how !! Great performance indeed & I hope he keeps surprising us.

& finally Dutt’s Kancha is probably the only character masses will remember from this edition of Agneepath. He is infact so ferocious & overpowering that when Vijay kills him it appears totally unreal. The guy just looked indestructible !! Infact when Hrithik screams BABA after killing him, a guy in the theater passed a smart comment ”abbey chilla nahi warna phir se aa jaayega” 🙂

This could very well bring Dutt who for last 3/4 years is just languishing into some sort of revival mode.

Karan Malhotra plays his cards cleverly but any amount of smartness can’t redeem this one when compared to the original. Having said that, it works fine as a stand alone film but those who are familiar with the original material can have strong reservations with the way he has twisted few scenes & characters. Also, he forgot the editing scissors somewhere as the film is just too long.

After years I watched a film in single screen theater & while it was fun revisitiong the old lanes of Lucknow, the film in itself was a mixed bag for me.

Overall Rating: 6/10


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