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TOI: Mind Your Biz – Sanju

Actor Sanjay Dutt maybe the ultimate villain inAgneepath, but the man is an ultimate dad, too!

Only recently, people were quizzing him about his eldest daughter Trishala Dutt and her intention to join films. Dutt was adamant when he said, “She can excel in any field she chooses, why only films? My father had strict rules about women entering the film industry – none of his daughters were allowed to be a part of it. Trishala can find her calling in any other industry she wishes, too, and be as successful.”

So what is she busy with? “She is busy becoming a cop. She finds a lot of stuff interesting, and even educates me on some!” he said. “Some people tell me how I ought to raise my child. I know how it’s done. I feel like telling them to mind their own business, do their job and take care of their houses, I’ll manage mine!”

About Agneepath, Dutt seems to have had a jolly good time shooting for the movie. “It was a cult film. We haven’t tried to outdo anyone or imitate anyone in this movie. We are doing our thing in our own way ably guided by the director,” he says.


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