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Aashiqui 2: Love makes life worth living, once again

21 years ago, Mahesh Bhatt and T-Series Gulshan Kumar came together to create a magic called Aashiqui. A musical romance which took nation by storm made Rahul Roy, Anu and Kumar Sanu household name. Mahesh Bhatt and T-Series has once again tied up to recreate similar romance euphoria with Aashiqui 2.
Mahaesh Bhatt is very much excited to announce the sequel to the movie, which will not be any Hollywood remake.

According to him, even Aashiqui was inspired from his own life. He was telling story of his first love in that movie. So sequel too will tread once again similar true love story, which has not been yet told on Bollywood screen. The makers have already started working on the script, story is being weaved by
Shagufta Rafique.

Will the music live up to the original?
Here is a HD compilation of timeless music of Aashiqui, giving hint to the music director what they have to accomplish in the sequel…

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