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Marriage may be on the cards for actors Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor, but the two have put aside all matters of the heart to make way for what’s on their mind at present. And the only thing that’s on their minds for now, says Saif, is their upcoming spy thriller.

Tightlipped about anything to do with the M-word or their engagement date, the actor adopts a ‘no comments’ stance, as he says that any question about marriage will only be answered post the release of Agent Vinod. Saif, however, doesn’t deny that there’s much excitement on both fronts, personally as well as professionally, as he talks about his films, Kareena and the M-word!

Do you believe that being more successful professionally is related to being in a happy phase personally?Well, I don’t see the connection, but I do feel that being in a stable relationship is like the base camp. So, after you’ve climbed the highest mountains, you return to the base camp to celebrate with your support system. In my case that’s family. But I will say that right now I’m in a very happy, and stable relationship.

And gearing for marriage?

Yes. Though I can’t understand all the curiosity about it. I am here for work, so let’s talk about that.

Is your upcoming film Agent Vinod India’s answer to James Bond…

Well, it’s shot across several countries, but it’s no Bond. It has been inspired as much by our desi spy thrillers like the original Agent Vinod and Gunmaster G-9, as it’s taken from the Western counterparts like the Bourne series or 24.

How was it working with Kareena?

Of course, it was exciting, but more than thrilling, I felt responsible. I didn’t want her to do a role just because of our relationship. I wanted the role to justify her caliber as an actor.

Action is not her favourite genre, so does she like you in the action or the romantic avatar more?

Well, all I know is that she likes me no matter what the avatar, at least that’s what she’s told me (laughs).

How seriously do you take competition?

Well, you have to be aware and respectful about the achievements of others, but I don’t obsess about it. The real competition has to be with your own self and beyond that it just doesn’t matter. For me, there’s life beyond work.

What about the number game?

I’ve never been in a position of being a number one star. So, I don’t know how it is being between number two and one (laughs). I only like to be the best I can. Although when I see my old films, I feel like I’m a late bloomer. I’m only coming into my own now. I think I look better and I even feel better (smiles).

There’s buzz that you are considering direction?

Yes, direction is the ultimate creative outlet. I’m working towards it, but I am not ready yet.

This year is going to be a busy one… with marriage and films…

Marriage I will not talk about before the film comes out, but yes, films there are plenty — Cocktail, Race 2, Judwaa 2, a zombie flick and we have just acquired the rights from a Hollywood studio to a comic series. All I can say about is that it’s not a superhero series for sure.


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