Arunoday Singh and Randeep Hooda to be Male Leads in Jism 2

For long the audience has waited for seeing the male protagonists in Pooja Bhatt’s one of the most anticipated films Jism 2. After much speculation the men opposite the adult entertainer Sunny Leone are finalized.

Sunny Leone herself must be too happy to have them in the film. Now finally the film shoot can commence from April onwards in Jaipur.

“Sunny Leone has two men in her life. While one is a man from her past, the other is a man from her present. The two men who have been finalized for the lead roles are Arunoday Singh and Randeep Hooda. Both the actors have signed on the project,” informs Pooja Bhatt.

But why Arunoday Singh and Randeep Hooda ask Pooja Bhatt and she reasons, “I was blown away by Randeep’s cop act in “Jannat 2″. There is so much of angst in him. In “Jism 2″, he plays Kabir (even John’s character was called Kabir in “Jism”).
Ifnroming more about Kabir Pooja says, “He is a lonely guy who is dark, dangerous and lives by his own rules. There are no grays in his life – it is either black or white. He can’t take excuses and is very austere. His character has a huge room for dark silences.”

This was all about Randeep Hooda’s character Kabir. Even Arunoday has got some interesting part to play. His character stands in contrast with that of Randeep’s. Arunoday’s character is that of a buccaneer. “He is someone who can sort out everything for Sunny. Both characters have a very different kind of approach towards life. If Arunoday is light, Randeep is darkness. If Arunoday is measured attack, Randeep is a cryptic secret. I wasn’t aware that Arunoday might play Hamlet in another Hindi adaptation of the Shakespeare play. For me, Arunoday rocked in “Yeh Saali Zindagi”. I have also seen him in this liquor ad which convinced me that he would pull off the role of Ayaan with elan. Both Arunodoy and Randeep Hooda are not obviously sexy. Their six packs lie in their head and not the beefed-up bodies,” says the director.

When contacted, Arunoday singh confirmed his role in Jism 2. He says, “After I first heard the story last week, I found it highly exciting and I agreed to doing it. The character is not one dimensional. I have watched “Jism” once and liked the film. Of course, there is a pressure while doing this sequel. But it is a good kind of pressure. That’s the best thing about this job.”

Tease him that the film starts on a April Fool’s Day and he jokes, “Well, I am a fool. May be like the fool from King Lear. Jokes apart, I’m fine with shooting on any date apart from my birthday.”

Pooja is a hard task master and hence doesn’t want that Sunny and Arunoday ahould dnace around in places of Jaipur. She says, “As an actor, I have done all that with Shah Rukh when I shot my film in Jaipur. I can’t be repeating all that again now. I want to tap the timelessness of Jaipur and use a modern, India-forward palette to display the same.”
Pooja has decided the shooting places in Jaipur but refuses to disclose them on grounds of security issues. The Jaipur shoot schedule is of ten days later the crew moves to Delhi for further outdoor shooting.

On a final note Pooja says, “I might be shooting in and around Chanakyapuri and the Hauz Khaz village. Within a week’s time, I shall be finalizing the foreign locations. I am toying between Sri Lanka and Czechoslovakia. Right now, there is a cold wave there and, hence, I am a little apprehensive. I have to wrap up work soon because I am eyeing an August release.”

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