Bhatts to Take Jism 2 Beyond Body

It was 100 hundred years ago in India that Indian film industry ushered and in present times Mahesh Bhatt feels that it is the ripe time to bring to Indian audience back to the Indian cinema.

Mahesh Bhatt exclaims

We have to explore our own backyards before moving to foreign shores. Why film makers go abroad when there is so much unexplored terrain in India? Darjeeling is a jewel and we have to bring it back to Indian cinema.

On last Thursday Mahesh Bhatt was in Darjeeling to attend the film festival there along with his daughter Pooja Bhatt and actor Imran Zahid. He loved the beauty of the place so much so that he says

Despite Ooty and Kashmir being important film locales, as a young director, I preferred to come to Darjeeling in 1979 to shoot for my film Lahoo Ke Doo Rang, starring Shabana Azmi and Vinod Khanna. I had been inspired by a film shot in Darjeeling by Satyajit Ray. Later many critics had stated that a unique dimension of Darjeeling had been captured in this film. Darjeeling was also a favorite destination of director Shakti Shamanta.

Inspired by her father, even Pooja Bhatt wants to have Darjeeling as the backdrop in her next film in Jism 2. “My films have been shot in Lahaul spiti and Puducherry- all new locales. Now I want to try out Darjeeling for my film Jism 2. The film demands a fine balance between nature and colonial architecture- Darjeeling perfectly fits the bill. We are looking around. Though we have other locations in mind also, Darjeeling tops the list. I have fond memories of Darjeeling,” says Pooja.

The four year old Pooja accompanied her father for the shoot of Lahoo Ke Doo Rang. She returned to Darjeeling in 1989 to shoot for the film Chor Aur Chaand in which she had starred opposite Aditya Pancholi. “When I had accompanied my father, I had taken back with me an Aapso puppy. This time my husband has warned me not to take back anything,” reminisces Pooja.

And is Sunny Leone the next star in Jism 2! “Jism 2 goes beyond the body. Brand Jism is not about who is starring in it. I will formally announce the name next week,” stated Pooja.

She could even opt for Darjeeling as the shoot location for Jism 2. “I want a locale that has frozen in time and Darjeeling would be a good option,” added Pooja.

Not only Pooja but Mahesh Bhatt is all praises for Darjeeling. “I remember when we were shooting for Lahoo at the Chowrasta, the interaction between the actors and the crowd was great. The people were so friendly and so keen in cooperating with us that they did exactly as they were told,” says Mahesh.

But Bhatt recollects the problem that Anurag Basu faced during the making of ‘Barfee’ with the mob present there. Says Bhatt, “I will try to smoothen whatever misunderstanding there has been when I get back to Mumbai.”

He feels that Darjeeling can be an exciting cine location for shoots. “Young filmmakers are constantly looking for new locales. They will surely want to try out Darjeeling. Even the district administration is willing to cooperate with the film industry to facilitate shootings here,” remarked Bhatt.

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