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Frank, forthright and fun with Bipasha Basu

Frank, forthright and fun – Bipasha Basu was all of this when we caught up with her. From her relationship status to when she’ll tie the knot to why she quit studying – numerous facets of Bipasha’s personality emerged as she chatted away with TOI…

‘Been attached since 16’
An easy smile, hearty laughter and an expressive countenance dot Bipasha’s conversation. “I’m done with that phase of thinking and being wary about what I speak.” Is she referring to the ‘being single’ question that’s lobbed at her ever so often these days? “That question is asked because I was in a relationship for the longest time. I am used to it now. But, personally, after my break up, I realised that I’ve never been this single since I was 16! So, come to think of it, I’ve never ever led the single life, so I might as well live it now!” Giving an example, she says, “Just recently, during a film promotion, I was asked to give advice to a couple about love etc., and I was like ‘my mental state is like that of a 16-year-old’ so please ask someone else.”

Poster girl for singles’
Ask Bipasha if single heroines are questioned more about their single status than their male counterparts, and not fighting shy of answering any question, she says, “I’ve become like a poster girl for the single gals! But, coming to your question, Bollywood reflects Indian society. And in our society, women can’t be single for too long. That said, a baby step towards a change in mindset is happening. Thank God!” She says with a smile, “Till the total change happens, people will keep asking, ‘when are you getting married?’ Arrey, but who to marry? Thin air? And I can’t get married in the arranged way for sure…I’ll be a runaway bride then!”

‘I’m not a graduate’
While Bipasha looks on her achievements with a lot of pride, saying that all of that has happened on her terms, she adds, “It all happened so soon that I didn’t even have time to attend college. After Std XII, I was working. That upset my dad a great deal because I was the most studious amongst his three daughters. In fact, he didn’t talk to me for a year and I promised him that I would get a degree. I tried to get one in commerce through IGNOU, but commerce and I were like poles apart and I’ve always had a love for science. I am not a graduate, but more than regretting the degree, I miss studying. So, even now whatever reading on fitness I do, I do it very diligently, like a good student.”

‘Sexy to cute’
Not the one to be in a hurry to shake off the sexy tag, Bipasha says, “Why should a tag I’ve earned worry me? I’d love to be known as a sexy granny! Sexy is a tag used for me, but I am aware that imaging is very strong in the industry. So, at the end of the day it’s about knowing who you really are, tags will come and go. And don’t you think people without sex appeal are so boring! Sex appeal can be in the voice, eyes, looks, demeanour etc.” But, who does she find the most sexy? “Brad Pitt for sure! He’s always been the one I’ve found sexy,” she says, and adds, “You know, I am finally being called cute as well!” That’s quite a deadly combination!

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