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I can’t make or break jodis: Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu speaks about her upcoming film ‘Jodi Breakers’ and her fresh chemistry with Madhavan.

She plays the lead role and also has a song named after her in the film. In an exclusive conversation with Gaurav Malani, Bipasha Basu speaks about her upcoming film Jodi Breakers and her fresh chemistry with Madhavan.

First things first – is ‘Jodi Breakers’ inspired from ‘Heartbreakers’?
Heartbreakers is my favourite film. And now having worked in Jodi Breakers, it’s my favourite film too. And I can assure you that the two films have nothing in common.

Most romantic comedies don’t have much of story beyond the boys-meets-girl plot.
Jodi Breakers is not a boy-meets-girl story. These two people are lawyers by profession and know each other. There is no romantic inclination to start with. But of course subsequently it takes the shape of a love story. You see, finally there are only ten basic emotions and we have chosen love.

Bollywood is known for making jodis. Where do Jodi ‘Breakers’ fit in such a scene?
I guess the idea was to not be regular but a little different from others. It’s a new concept. You could say Jodi Breakers (played by Madhavan and me) are one step ahead of a divorce lawyer. They are approached by one of these spouses who want to separate and seek the services of these breakup experts.

So are they negative characters?
They are actually positive characters simply because they break jodis of only unhappy couples. My character simply believes in the fact that if there is no love between two people, there should be no marriage. After divorce they always have this new opportunity of finding a better partner in life.

Do you see a Jodi Breakers agency actually coming into existence in near future?
I am sure after the film releases many would take jodi-breakers as a profession – maybe not legally but undercover (laughs).

Have you ever played a jodi breaker or wanted to play one in real life?
I am too self-involved and do not believe in making or breaking jodis in real life. I believe both are more of an individual decision and shouldn’t be influenced by other people.

Madhavan and you bring fresh chemistry on screen
The chemistry works not because we are paired for the first time but more because Maddy and I think alike. It’s fascinating how we hit it off from scene one. I strongly believe there should be individual affection and liking between actors for the chemistry to show on screen.

How is it getting back to your blockbuster legacy of Raaz?
You won’t believe but I have actually had no proper sleep since I started shooting on Raaz 3. I just need one good day of sleep and I should be fine.

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