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I’ll marry when the time is right: Sajid Khan

Director-actor Sajid Khan, who is known for speaking his mind, simply clams up the moment you ask him about his marriage plans.

Refusing to budge from his stance, he replies: “People don’t get married just because they are expected to get married! They get married when the time is right! So, I’ll marry when the time is right!”

This obviously means that all questions related to his alleged relationship with Sri Lankan beauty and latest B’town hottie Jacqueline Fernandez are out of bounds.

Catfights? What’s that?

Time to veer towards safe horizons! Ask him how did he manage to keep catfights from taking place on the sets of his forthcoming film Housefull2, which has a bevy of Bollywood babes including Asin, Zarine Khan, Shazahn Padamsee and Jacqueline Fernandez, and Sajid replies: “What catfights? On my sets, there’s a lot of bonding happening among the boys as well as the girls.”

Vanity issues

Known to catch the bull by its horns, Sajid admits that the concept of vanity van has bloated the vanity of many a star. But, he adds in the same breath: “In my films, all the stars have their vanity vans, yet they are not vain. My film sets are an exception, where banter, laughter and bonhomie rule the roost.”


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