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Kareena vows not to do any action movies

Our desi girl Kareena is comfortable in doing soft rom-coms than action stunts. That’s why she chooses EMAET over her beau’s Agent Vinod. According to her, she had horrible time doing some of the action stunts for Agenet Vinod. She also claims, Saif cajoled her in doing the movie in the first. She was told, her role was out and out glam stylish role like Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. What he didn’t reveal was she will have to actually perform those Angelina Jolie like stunts.

During shooting of Agent Vinod, she broke down several times due to numerous retakes. Her co-star and boyfriend Saif used to get irritated with her fear in performing even minor stunts. After few muscle cramps, she anyhow completed e movie and now happy that the movie is ready for the release.
In a recent interview, she clearly said. She will never ever opt for any kind of action movies ever. Agent Vinod will be my last action film.


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