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Kareena’s hit demand from Imran

As proudly as Kareena flaunts her ‘Khan Queen’ title, there are some things the Khans need to do for her.

Recently, she revealed to zoOm, “2011 was not for experiments. I just wanted to be in all Khan films and I wanted blockbusters from them.” And voila! Blockbusters they were, indeed. Now that Bebo has come around to the youngest Khan of them all, Imran, she can make a few non-starry demands… and why not, he’s been in awe of her for the longest time.

While promoting Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu at the Cutting Chai college fest in Mumbai, she said, “Aamir gave me the biggest hit of my life in 3 Idiots, and I hope Imran can do the same with this film.” Imran’s expressions changed to somewhat of a shock on hearing this. We’re sure he can pull this coup off, but just in case he’s a wee bit nervous, he knows who to give a call – maamu Aamir, of course!

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