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PC: India’s answer to Jolie

Its not the IT world PC that we are talking but our very own PC (Piggy Chops) that we are talking for anyone from Geek World. After PC’s recent interview regarding her rumored affair with SRK, things still seems to have not sorted out yet. SRK’s wife Gauri is now all bent to get PC out of Bollywood frame.

Coincidentally, similar thing happened with PC few years ago too. After string of movies with Akshay Kumar, she was believed to have swayed Akki away from Twinkle. But, then Twinkle took a stand and barred Akshay from working with her ever again. Since Aitraaz, these two have hardly ever crossed their path.

According to sources, Industry wife’s club has tentatively christened PC as Jolie of Bollywood. Even in Hollywood many star wives didn’t want their star husband to work with Angelina Jolie. She was so intimidating that their husband would finally fall for Jolie. In Bollywood, its Priyanka Chopra who has been titled as the ‘Husband Snatcher’ by most industry star wife’s.

Gauri Khan had been advised by Twinkle Khanna, who by the way is good pal, to not let SRK any near PC. But, she didn’t take much heed, as SRK’s image was like complete family man who loves his family more than anything else in the world.

Gauri Khan, who had always maintained distance from all these controversy have finally taken a stand. She is going extra mile this time to save her marriage and told all her industry friends to AVOID PC.

The effects can be seen already. Karan Johar, after success of ‘Agneepath’ was planning to come out a movie with PC apart from Dostana Sequel have shelved the project itself. Even in Dostana sequel PC has been replaced. Being one of the closest member to Khan family, he didn’t want to hurt Gauri’s sentiments by signing the Jolie of Bollywood.

It seems like PC will have difficult time in future finding any good movies. She is not in touch with the Khiladi she had already cut off relationship with ‘Bhai’ of the Bollywood to maintain good relationship with Badshah of the Bollywood. But, she forgot the basic rule It’s the BEGAM who has all the power to make and break the game.

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