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Saif Ali Khan provoked NRI man, punched him first: Eyewitness

One of the employees of the Mumbai hotel where actor Saif Ali Khan allegedly punched an NRI businessman has given a statement that goes against the claims made by actor.

In his statement, the employee has said that the actor provoked Iqbal Sharma and was the first person to punch him.

Mr Sharma has claimed that the actor assaulted him and fractured his nose at Taj Hotel’s Wasabi restaurant in Colaba late on Tuesday night. Based on his complaint, Saif was arrested late on Wednesday evening. He was later released on bail.

In a counter complaint, the actor however insisted that he acted in self-defence as he was attacked first.

The Mumbai Police has so far recorded the statements of 15 people including the waiters of the hotel who attended Saif and Mr Sharma.

Sources say according to police, prima facie there’s a “strong case” against the actor.


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