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Saif Ali Khan sees Agent Vinod to earn over Rs 100 crore

Illuminati Films is all set to hit the box office, with its second flick Agent Vinod. While there are still four more weeks to go for the release of this spy thriller, the producers of the film are already talking money.

During the promotion of Agent Vinod, actor-producer Saif Ali Khan said, “the film will be released both in multiplexes and single screens and it has the potential to cross Rs 100 crore in revenue.”

The movie, which is to be released on March 23, was made on a budget of Rs 50-60 crore approximately. According to reports, Agent Vinod will be released in 3,500 screens worldwide, out of which 2,500 will be in India.

Khan, who also plays the title role in the film, said “Agent Vinod will give value for money. The film has been produced keeping Indian sensitives in mind.”

Speaking on the movie, the 41-year-old actor said, “Agent Vinod is a spy-action film and there are many car-chases. It is about a RAW agent who has his own personality. Yes, it has influences from various films – it’s a little bit Bond, little bit Jason Bourne and a little bit 24 and Tin Tin. But it is also original.” He added, “it is not Mr And Mrs Smith and it’s not a cheesy Bond rip-off.”

Agent Vinod is written and directed by Sriram Raghavan. The film’s music is by Pritam and will be distributed together by Illuminati Films and Eros Entertainment.


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