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A sleek looking spy film without thrill & suspense – 2.5/5.0

Agent Vinod was promoted well, the music of the film was superb, the trailers and promos looked polished enough to warrant a look; so my expectations from this film were high. But they were not unrealistic.
I knew that I can’t compare this to the James Bonds, Jason Bournes and Ethan Hunts. The IB and RAW are definitely not as glamorous, efficient and lethal as the CIAs, MI6s and Mossads of the world; but surely one could think of some interesting stories based on the Indo-Pak tensions, clandestine activities (under disguise of rehabilitation support) of the secret services of India and Pakistan in the war torn Afghanistan and so on? Well, Agent Vinod disappoints on some key aspects, one of them being the most important one – plot! I rate the film at 2.5/5.

The film is about the tracking and capture of a nuclear bomb and its detonator by the RAW and its lead man on the mission named Vinod. The visuals travel from Pakistan, Russia, Morocco to Somalia and finally to New Delhi and there is also a fleeting glimpse of Cape Town. The camera work is good; the look and feel of the film is excellent. The action sequences and car chases pass the bar.

But a spy thriller is expected to be fast and energetic. This one is so, so, so slooooow. And this despite the fact that there is only one song in the film – the mujra. A couple of songs are played as the background score – which is good. The events are all around the globe and your brain. No logical sequence, no thread of a cohesive story and no real suspense! Surely, we deserved a better story?

The performances are ok. Saif Ali Khan looks the part, delivers the tongue-in-cheek lines perfectly; and if this film succeeds he might have the chance to create a franchisee around Agent Vinod. Once upon a time in Mumbai, Kareena Kapoor did look hot in Tashan with size zero. But now she is probably size 50 and looks bored + tired here. One wonders what exactly is her character doing here; it’s so loosely written. Mr. Khan, if you are the lead actor AND producer of a film, you are definitely expected to give a better role to your fiancée!? For a wannabe James Bond film, it is seriously low on the glamour and hotness quotient. They could have utilized the girl in the ‘Pungi’ and ‘I’ll do the talking’ song in a better way to address this.

With all these shortcomings, it is still better than the non-sense served under the Don series. Purely on the look and feel, music and lack of any other film options this holiday weekend (Its Gudi Padwa in Maharashtra) I would say ‘Yes’ to the mouthshut question: Would you recommend “Agent Vinod Movie” to a friend?


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