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Bipasha buys parents a new apartment

Her wish to have her entire family close by in her adopted city has now become a reality

Bipasha Basu just had one of her wishes granted – to have her entire family around her. The actress has bought her parents a spacious 3BHK flat in Bandra, just a few minutes away from her own home. Her elder sister Bidisha too stays closeby with her family. Says Bipasha, “Two weeks ago, we did the Satyanarayan and Grihapravesh pujas, after which they shifted into the new flat. The interiors have been designed by Ehsan Qureshi and Rajeev Acharya, who have also done up my home. My parents now live just five minutes away from Bidisha and me.”

So why were her parents living in the Juhu-Versova area prior to this, and not with her? The actress says, “I’ve lived alone since I was 16! In 2005, I surprised my mother with a fully furnished house. My parents shifted to Mumbai from Kolkata as as my younger sister Bijoyeta wanted to study here.”

Bipasha is thrilled now that her entire family is with her in Mumbai. “I am very happy! Though dad’s base is still in Kolkata and he keeps flying in and out of Mumbai, now my entire family lives very close to me.”


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