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We already brought you the awesome cover of Filmfare featuring the ever-pretty Kajol. Now check out the inside pages of the magazine having more beautiful pictures of Kajol. She also speaks about Ajay Devgn and the movies!She’s like a bucket of sunshine that just warms your soul!!!

We are sighing our little hearts out over how much Kajol is sparkling on the cover of the filum magazine in that lovely yellow Shantanu & Nikhil gown!!! And the voila…you flip over to the rest of the piccies and the ones with her in the strapless white dress paired with the updo’…ugh so regal!

Aside from looking beyond ridicc gorge in the editorial, Missus Devgn opens up to the magazine about wanting to be married at 24, feeling bad for husbo’s hectic schedule and revealing that she hasn’t signed any new movies (boo!).

Check out some of our fave highlights from the interview (below):

The current generation somehow connects with you. But there have been other good actresses too. We don’t see this kind of connect with them.
I’ve always done films I would love to watch. I have stayed away from films which I thought were depressing. A lot of people gave me grief for rejecting those films. They said you’re such a talented girl, you should have done this film. I was quite clear that I wanted to do commercial films, happy films, films that I wanted to watch. I didn’t want to do sad movies that no one watches. I want to do a film that I could watch and say darn that was an enjoyable film.

You think its time now to reinvent yourself?
You have to every time. Every year with every movie you do. When I face the camera today, I realise the things that I could get away with 10 years back are not possible now. The age-old formula 44 doesn’t work today. The mother would cry on screen and the tears just wouldn’t stop. The audience today knows that its fake and they know that we’re overdoing it. When I did We Are Family and My Name Is Khan I was conscious of it. You have to understand the people who are watching you are more educated. They are clever and they’ve seen better.

Have you signed any films lately?
I haven’t signed anything right now. I haven’t spoken to anyone. I’m being honest when I say I’m in a comfortable space right now. I have kids, a family and I have a production house going. Films are not the sole area in my life. Films are a passion. If I get the absolutely right film I’ll do it.

Compared to five years ago, you’ve suddenly started dressing up. What gives?
Yes I am. Now I have time to dress up. I have time to sit down and think about clothes, hairstyles. Or get somebody to tell me about these things. Earlier my priority was only work. I worked liked a dog before I got married. After marriage, once you have a baby, time management is difficult. You career just becomes a part of your life. For me, my family is my life – my husband, kids, my mother and my sister. I live for them.

Who spends more time with son Yug? Ajay or you?
Obviously me. Ajay has been shooting on outdoors a lot. All his movies have had a 40-day outdoor schedules. So even if you’re working on two movies then you’re out of town for most part of the year. Currently he’s the only star who’s shooting for 4 films a year. I told him he should do one film a year and he said shut up.

You think men have it easier in a marriage, in terms of bringing up kids?
I don’t think its easier for Ajay. The other day he realised that he’s not spent much time with Yug. He didn’t even realise that he’d started to walk and talk a little.

So you always wanted to marry and have kids?
Yes. The problem what that I started to early – I made my debut at 17. By the time I reached 24 I was tired and wanted to retire. I was 24, I had four hits. I was working like a dog and I just wanted to give it all up and get married.

Kajol On Filmfare March 2012 – Magazine Scans


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